Return Policy

Shop Hillary's Return Policy
Shop Hillary's ONLY accepts store credit or exchanges for eligible items.
Store credit or exchanges are available for 14 days after receiving your order.
Eligibility is as follows:
  • Tags are attached
  • Items are unworn / unwashed
  • Item is in original condition
  • 14 day window 
  • Sale items are FINAL SALE - no exchanges / store credits


  • Shop Hillary's is not responsible for damages that occur during the washing / drying process. We encourage all customers to follow the exact instructions on the inside of the garment. No exceptions. 
  • Shop Hillary's is not responsible for damages that occur if you are wearing / trying on the item. Each item is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped to each customer. 

Processing Your Exchange / Store Credit 

If you feel your order meets the below requirements, please contact us by email or phone with the following information: 

*please note your order must be in the mail to us before the 14 day window*

1. First and Last Name on the order

2. Order Number 

3. Reason for exchange / store credit 

4. If you would like an exchange / store credit 

  • CUSTOMERS are responsible for the re-shipping charge of any exchange / store credit. 

Handling Exchanges

Shop Hillary's does sell our of our inventory very quickly, so it is best to process your exchange for another item / size ASAP! We cannot guarantee that we will still have what you are looking for if you wait too long. 

Upon your exchange request we will locate any item(s) that you would like to exchange for. We will then email you an invoice for the RE-SHIPPING / HOLD cost for exchanges. This is a flat $5 re-shipping / hold cost. If there is any additional charges (Example: the item you are sending back to us is less than the item you are ordering) we will add that cost to the invoice. Likewise, if the item you would like the exchange is less than the item you ordered, we will deduct any amount from the $5 re-shipping/ hold cost and credit you a remaining balance as a store credit. 

Your invoice must be fulfilled before we can hold any items for you. As soon as we receive your item back in the mail and your invoice has been fulfilled, we will ship your new item(s) the same or next day! 

Orders Sent Back Without Approval

If you have shipped your item back to us and it was not approved for a store credit / exchange, we will hold your order in store until we are contacted. WE WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR ORDER IF IT HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED. If you do not contact us within the 14 day return window, your item will no longer be eligible for a store credit / exchange. You will then have the option to pay to have it shipped back to you or donated to our local Women's Shelter. 

If you send an item back that is outside of eligibility, we will hold your item in store for you until 1. You pay a $5 re-shipping charge back to you or 2. Allow us to donate your item(s) to a local women's shelter. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will NOT process an order for a store credit / exchange if it is outside of eligibility even if you shipped it back to us. 

USPS Handling And Delivery 

Shop Hillary's is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

USPS has geo-tags on all their packages and this information will allow you to track it to the exact location it was dropped off and what time. 

We recommend contacting your local USPS branch and getting in contact directly with the driver/ deliverer on your route. 

Please double check your address was entered correctly on your account or check with your neighbors if this happens to you! 


Shop Hillary's has been in business for over 7 years and we seriously have the BEST CUSTOMERS EVER! 

Thank you to everyone who understands and respects our return policy as a small business! We have to brag that we have the most understanding - rule following -customers out there! 

Questions? Concerns? 

Please reach out!